Continuous Improvement in K12 Organizations: A Value-Stream for Efficiency & Process Improvement

Continuous Improvement in K12 Organizations: A Value-Stream for Efficiency & Process Improvement

2-Day WORKshop Specifically designed for Organization Leaders Working In K-12 Buildings: Superintendents, Board Members, Principals, Administrators, Lead Teachers, Team Leaders, Classroom Teachers, Building Admin Assistants

The Ultimate Workshop on Improving Your Schools Processes & Functions utilizing lean processes for continuous improvement.

  • Use value-stream thinking to identify problems at process level that are affecting operational performance.  

  • Apply lean and continuous improvement tools and their appropriate use in K12 educational environments.

  • Improve a process in your organization in under 4-weeks by attending this course.

  • Shift the culture of your organization to empower individuals to make informed changes to processes in their own practice.

  • Apply what you are learning directly to a project of your choice to improve a process at your organization

  • Identify and reduce waste in your organization’s processes to free up taxed resources and strategically allocate resources better.

Create fundamentally different relationships with employees and others that focus on coaching and developing their problem-solving ability.

“Eighty-five percent of the reasons for failure are deficiencies in the systems and process rather than the employee. The role of management is to change the process rather than badgering individuals to do better.” W. Edwards Deming

Our educational organizations face unprecedented challenges.  Amid societal calls and government mandates for improved student performance, educators find themselves tasked with meeting annually increased performance expectations but doing so with diminishing financial and political influence – essentially, doing more with less. This workshop will take you through simulations and real-world application of many of the points of LEAN and Six-Sigma improvements.  Many of these improvements will result in increased employee commitment, improved processes, waste reduction and much more.  All of which will show returns in the improved culture of your organization and the budget!


Kevin will present many tools, but will assist you throughout your process with selecting and customizing the right tool to your specific needs.  Kevin’s practical style of presenting and working in continuous improvement will cut straight through all the buzz words to the process and the approaches to solve the issues at hand.  The workshop will be filled with strategies to get your project off the ground and in production in the 4-week time span of the course.


  • Day 1 – (In Person) 8:30am-3:00pm (Monday - As Scheduled)

    • Introduction to Lean & Six Sigma Principles

    • Simulation in lean processes

    • Stretching the manufacturing technique to education

    • Choosing a Project

    • Scoping the Project

    • Tools, tools and more tools!

  • Day 2 – (In Person) 8:30am-3:00pm

    • Choosing a Project

    • Scoping the Project

    • Tools, tools and more tools!

  • Online Support & Collaboration Meeting 10:00am-11:30am (1stMonday After)

    • Review Project Status

    • “Phone-A-Friend” – Share issues and get advice from each other and the presenter to move forward.

    • Virtual Consultation Time

  • Online Support & Collaboration Meeting 10:00am-11:30am (2ndMonday After)

    • Review Project Status

    • “Phone-A-Friend” – Share issues and get advice from each other and the presenter to move forward.

    • Virtual Consultation Time

  • Online Wrap-Up Meeting 10:00am-11:30am (3rdMonday After)

    • Attendees will report their project findings and improvements to the “Board” (the rest of us).

    • Opportunities to collaborate and harvest learning among attendees

Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Learning by Doing – Working with your own project and team, you will have the opportunity to make immediate connection to the material being presented and have concrete evidence of a working LEAN/Six Sigma improvement.

  2. Focus on Constituent Needs – Continuous Improvement has its roots in manufacturing and focuses on the “customer” needs and expectations.  In education, we adapt our “customer” to be the receiver of the improved process.  This could be teachers after an evaluation process is reviewed, it could be students after a discipline process is reviewed. 

  3. Walking the Walk – Gemba walks are the start of the process.  We will review steps you can take to have successful Gemba walks in your organization.

  4. Consulting Time – We have built in the consulting time for this workshop with our online sessions between the meeting days.  You will have access to the other attendees and the presenter during this time.

  5. Differentiate between value and non-value activities and start to identify those within your improvement cycle.

  6. Measure & Analyze the efficiency of an existing process and improve the efficiency of a broken, cumbersome process

  7. Communication strategies for introducing the process improvement phases and strategies to work effectively with resistors to the process.

  8. Re-Measure the efficiency of an improved process

  9. Deliver better results faster with fewer resources

  10. Mapping the “customer” value stream

  11. Implementation of LEAN methods (5S, Poka Yoke, Kanban & Kaizen) to decrease waste

  12. Identify the 8 forms of waste and reduce those throughout your processes.

  13. Adapting LEAN & Six Sigma processes into a learning and teaching environment.

  14. Receive a detailed resource handbook packed with ideas, suggestions and step-by-step instructions on how to create and manage a continuous improvement project … You’ll have access to practical ideas, information and resources to help you get started immediately

Uniquely Qualified Presenter

Kevin M. Steele, Ed.S. is a licensed K12 educator with over 15 years of classroom experience.  Additionally, he is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with several years of practical application of lean processes in education.  His current role as Assistant Director of Continuous Improvement at Valparaiso University focuses his lean improvement efforts on classroom design, educational technology, student experience and student facing services.  His experience in and out of the classroom uniquely qualify him to work specifically with education-based organizations.  He understands the imposed limits, perceived value and practicality of working in school environments.  


Kevin has designed this workshop with many touchpoints for you to receive consultation throughout the 4 weeks (5 meetings) of this course.  The course is designed to provide time and real-world experience with the tools and improvement cycles. We learn best by doing!

Come Prepared

Please bring with you a list of at least 5, but no more than 10 processes in your organization that you believe need to improve.  These can be logjams of paperwork, flow of students in a lunch line, hiring of substitute teachers, discipline procedure backlog, bus driver turnover, disruptions to work in the main office of the school, etc.


Also, bring a laptop on which to work!  We will provide the internet connection!  

Professional Development Graduate Credit is available through Brandman University for an additional fee and related project completion.  Learn More...

Kevin Steele

Award Winning Teacher &

International Presenter

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