Lights, Camera, Action! Using Video to Give Students A Voice (Grades 6-12)

  • Discover ways to incorporate video production in your classroom to engage students, foster independence and appeal to all learners

  • Create a storytelling and story sharing culture in your classroom

  • Encourage student creativity and improve student communication using green screen filming, stop motion animation, and video game role play

  • Explore easy-to-use video editing websites, tools, and apps

  • Revamp existing projects with innovative video integration

  • Promote 21st Century Skills through the video planning and production process

What You Will Learn

During this innovative workshop, educators will quickly appreciate the value and benefits of integrating video into their educational practices.  Regardless of your prior experience with video production, you will leave this workshop ready to seamlessly integrate video into your classroom.  


Through hands-on activities, this workshop will explore all things video-related for the classroom.  Learn ways to manage video production with low-cost equipment, editing apps such as WeVideo, and video publishing.  You will also discover the latest ideas for student video projects, including green screen filming, stop motion animation, and even video game roleplay!  Learn the ins and out of video editing and enhancements with user-friendly websites and apps. 


Through the course of this workshop, educators will have an opportunity to experience video production from start to finish.  Gain priceless knowledge regarding fair use and copyright laws to ensure students’ digital citizenship. You will be inspired to revamp your existing projects to address 21st Century Skills using video production.   


Incorporate these innovative ideas today and watch student engagement and storytelling skills skyrocket!

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Step by step directions to incorporate video production into your classroom or school

  2. Discover low/no cost, simple video production tools of professional quality

  3. Improve students’ communication skills through storyboarding, screenwriting, and revision

  4. Encourage student creativity and arts integration, while appealing to a diverse group of learners

  5. Learn how to turn any space into a green screen studio

  6. Incorporate stop motion animation and video games into your project options

  7. Receive project ideas, planning templates and rubrics to help you get started today

  8. Improve Digital Citizenship via lessons on fair use and copyright laws

  9. Foster student independence and enhance student ownership of learning

  10. Promote collaboration and authentic learning experiences 

Professional Development Graduate Credit is available through Brandman University for an additional fee and related project completion.  Learn More...

Wendy Michels

Wendy Michels

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