Project-Based Learning With Purpose: New Strategies and Tools (Grades 3-12: Intensive 2-day WORKshop)

Specially Designed for Educators Serving Grades 3-12: Classroom Teachers, Administrators and Peripheral Staff

The Ultimate 2-Day Intensive Training on PBL


  • Master the core and new skills in implementing PBL

  • Understand how to infuse purpose in your PBL units

  • Customize PBL for difficult personalities and/or conditions

Over-Arching Objectives

  • Apply research-based methodologies to your PBL learning environment

  • Learn new ways to elicit buy-in from your students

  • Develop PBL skills to enhance student engagement

  • Implement cognitive behavioral methods to overcome traditional viewpoints

  • Begin designing a PBL Lesson

Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Discover the key components of creating a PBL environment

  2. Get practical tips from an experience PBL specialist

  3. Reduce behavior issues and increase student motivation during class time

  4. Discover highly effective ways to incorporate their tech tools into everyday learning

  5. Increase student-to-teacher interaction time

  6. Discover powerful, proven techniques to increase classroom interaction and discussion

  7. Learn to extend and enrich your existing curriculum

  8. Discover practical tips for making your content more meaningful and engaging for your students

  9. Design a PBL unit: Identify target standards, create a project scope, pitch your project for peer-review

  10. Receive a resource handbook packed with ideas and suggestions

Practical Ideas and Strategies

Project Based Learning is an effective approach that allows students to research, develop and learn while they learn relevant life skills. In this NEW seminar, multiple-award winning classroom teacher, Matinga Ragatz, will provide powerful strategies for successfully integrating PBL in your classroom or school.


You will be presented with numerous strategies specifically geared for grades 3-12 learning environments. Matinga will introduce you to multiple PBL models, and give you insight of why they work.  All examples are readily adaptable to all content areas.


You will leave this workshop with a wealth of practical ideas and perspectives, increased confidence in meeting the needs of all your students and list of resources of resources that will help you start your PBL journey.

Day 1 - Understanding the Why

  • Understand why Project Based Learning supports the purpose of school

  • Explore strategies to help your students learn ‘the new normal’

  • Identify and unpack the PBL design process

  • Gather target standards to make content more relevant to students

Day 2 - Understanding the How

  • Create a project scope statement

  • Create opportunities for student voice and perspective in PBL

  • Pitch your project for peer review and feedback

  • Time to revise and reflect on your project (time permitting)

Other Benefits of Attending

  • Learn key components to successfully implement Project Based Learning

  • Step by Step instruction for building and creating a Project Based Learning experience in grades 3-12

  • The latest education research and trends focused on Project Based Learning

  • Easy-to-use online project management tool to help students manage every step of their projects

  • Receive a comprehensive PBL Handbook


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Matinga Ragatz

Matinga Ragatz

Award Winning Teacher &

International Presenter

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Latest Reviews

"This workshop was one of the best I have ever attended. Matinga was a fantastic presenter. We walked away from the conference with a project ready to use in our Algebra classrooms."


Sue Klokow

Mathematics Teacher

Sheboygan South High School - WI

“Matinga is one of the most inspiring and energizing educators I’ve ever collaborated with”

Rebecca Drake 

5th grade teacher

"I loved that the training went beyond the definitions of the buzz words. I loved that strategies were not only discussed, but also modeled. I am a very visual learner, and it was so beneficial to me to see some of the strategies discussed at work. Matinga was such an engaging and experienced educator. It makes a difference when the presenter is sharing information from her own experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed the training, and I am already in the process of applying what I learned."

Jennifer Venable 

Special Education Teacher

Star City, AR

"I thought the instructor was very informative and entertaining. She was able to tailor the workshop to the needs of the attendees at a whim. She was able to provide many great resources and ideas for all content areas and grade levels." 

Janelle Hobbs

High School Math Teacher

Hartland, WI

"I thought this workshop was VERY beneficial. Our instructor was knowledgeable, approachable, and informative. She challenged us to rethink our whole classroom, building, and district culture. I highly recommend it."

Teresa Inman

Instructional Technology Coach

Paris, AR