Reimagined Learning: A Practical Guide to Creating Powerful, Innovative Learning Opportunities for the Elementary Classroom (Grades K-5)

Reimagined Learning: A Practical Guide to Creating Powerful, Innovative Learning Opportunities for the Elementary Classroom (Grades K-5)

Specially Designed for Educators Serving Grades K-5: Classroom Teachers, Administrators and Peripheral Staff

  • Innovative strategies to boost student creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills

  • Develop global citizenship, and foster collaboration in the elementary classroom

  • Become a “chef” in the classroom, not just a “cook”. Teach beyond the textbook and empower learners in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies

  • Spice up the “boring subjects” with Project-Based Learning and show you how to boost student motivation through this process.

  • Connect students with authentic audiences outside the four walls of your classroom

  • Empower students to be creators of digital content, not just content consumers.

  • Powerful digital tools to amplify student voice and creativity in the learning process

  • Do all this and more while meeting the most rigorous of educational standards

What You Will Learn

During this innovative workshop, educators will discover how to level-up their teaching by creating a classroom environment that boosts student creativity, critical thinking,  and communication skills. School should be a place that kids want to be, not have to be.


In this four-part workshop, we will provide participants with:

Part 1: Understanding the “Why”: The Need for Innovation in Education  

Part 2: Reimagining Assessment: PBL In The Elementary Classroom

Part 3: Empowering Students with Voice and Choice

Part 4: Boosting Engagement by Giving Students Authentic Audiences


Participants will discover how to develop global citizenship and foster collaboration within the elementary classroom. Educators will leave this workshop with an abundance of resources and ideas that they can immediately implement in their classroom to make a major impact on student learning. Our goal is to get kids excited about learning and create experiences that will stay with them well beyond the time they leave our classrooms.


This workshop will highlight best-practice strategies of rethinking assessment with project-based learning, amplifying students voice, and creating authentic audiences for student learning. Educators will leave this workshop refreshed and excited about the possibilities for transforming their classroom into a powerful learning machine.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Observe the need for behavior management disappear as students take ownership of learning

  2. Stimulate collaboration that goes beyond the classroom walls to grow understanding

  3. Build capacity for global citizenship with authentic audiences from around the world

  4. Boost student capacity for critical thinking by presenting them with real-world issues

  5. Guide students in their discovery as they seem themselves as people who can affect change in the lives of others

  6. You will be presented with a plethora of technology-based projects, with simple rubrics, and student examples

  7. Give your class the chance to communicate their learning to authentic audiences

  8. Demonstrate the practical, real-world  applications of your content area

  9. Increase engagement as students follow their natural curiosities

  10. Harness your students’ entrepreneurial spirit through service learning projects

Specific Topics

Redefine and reimagine what deep learning can look like for students by:

  • Unleash student creativity as they tackle engaging challenges

  • Explore tons of free websites, apps, and digital resources

  • Easily differentiate based on content, process, and product

  • Improve student engagement through the tools they love

  • Provide more individualized instruction and assistance

  • Improve students’ reading, writing, and research skills

  • Create opportunities for cross-curricular learning

  • Assess students in a variety of innovative ways

  • Build digital citizenship skills in the classroom

  • “Flip” aspects of your classroom

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Zach Rondot & Grayson McKinney

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