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What You Will Learn

I have designed this webinar specifically to teach Computer Science teachers and Technology Integration specialists how to teach coding in grades 6-12. Whether you are tech timid or tech savvy, you will find an abundance of resources. I will help you sort through the wealth of resources and highlight for you the best and most effective ones to teach coding to students in grades 6-12.


We will look at ways to design lessons and projects to teach and infuse coding into everyday curricula. We will discuss the research and real-world application and dive deeply into extension lessons for coding. There is not just one way to teach coding. I will help you get started and give you the tools and resources you need to move your students forward.

Developing Students' Coding Skills Webinar

Presented by Kevin M. Steele, Ed.S.

National & International Presenter


A 1-hour Webinar Specifically Designed for Computer Science Teachers and Technology Integration Specialists serving grades 6-12:

  • The latest, most useful websites, apps and technology resources for teaching students coding and how to utilize these resources to enhance student achievement in grades 6-12

  • Low-cost or no-cost solutions to code with grades 6-12 students in various learning environments

  • Real-world coding applications that will engage students in grades 6-12 

  • Practical, innovative ways to involve students in coding activities that incorporate problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and much, much more!



I look forward to meeting you online. Once you have registered, you will receive the links to the webinar about 1 hour prior to the event. Participants can use video and/or a microphone to participate (headphones work best for audio quality of all participants). Audio and video are optional...there will be a chat available for questions.


Handbooks for the full day seminar are available with written resources and information. You will have access to exclusive pricing for the full book during the workshop.