Interested in presenting with us?

Please read the following information about our speaker contracting process.    

Becoming A Presenter FAQs

Current Seeking Topics in The Following Areas

The list below is not comprehensive, so please submit all ideas you may have.  However, the list below is based on demand and requests from educators.  All submissions are carefully considered.

  • Augmented/Virtual Reality Topics

  • Next Generation Science Standards

  • Elementary Mathematics

  • Middle School/High School Mathematics

  • Elementary Literacy Topics

  • Subject Specific PBL Workshops

  • Restorative Discipline

  • Classroom Management (Difficult Students)

  • Maker Spaces

  • Assistive Technology

  • Leading Paraprofessionals

  • Children's Literature

What are the requirements to become a presenter?


First and foremost, you must have classroom teaching experience.  Since our sessions are delivered to K12 educators across the world, you must have come from the classroom or be actively teaching.  Our core values identify an educational expert as a licensed, trained educator.


You are also responsible for the design and development of your program.  We will assist and coach through the process based on our experience; but the overall design and delivery rests on the presenter.


What types of materials am I responsible for preparing?


You will be asked to prepare the copy (not the graphics) for your marketing brochures.  You will also be asked to create a handbook for all attendees with materials, strategies and implementation assistance.  This is the bulk of the preparation.  We have templates, examples and instructions that we will pass along once you have been contracted.  


The last piece is the presentation itself.  You will be asked to prepare a presentation for your attendees.  The session day

is broken into four parts. Each part is about an hour and thirty minutes each.  

How does the coaching process work?

Our Program Director, Matinga Ragatz, will meet with you in monthly scheduled webinars through the process.  Each speaker is expected to attend one of the scheduled monthly workshops during the preparation phases.  We start presenters in cohorts every 6 months.  There are 5 sessions scheduled with due dates for materials due along the way.  Matinga makes herself available for private consultation, too.   


How does the travel process work?


Our offices will make all the arrangements for your travel and prepay for the event space and the airfare for your events.  We will also provide you with a per diem expenditure for meals and tipping as part of your reimbursement after the events.  We will make your hotel reservations, but you will need to pay for those and submit for reimbursement after your travel period ends.  All travel expenses, mileage and baggage fees will also be reimbursed.  


You will be traveling and have to move your own belongings and equipment through an airport.  The presentation room and AV equipment will be taken care of for you in advance.


We process all reimbursements within 5 days of reciept.  So you should not have to wait longer than 2 weeks before receiving your reimbursement.  


How will I be compensated for my event?


Our compensation schedule is not public information, but you are paid a daily rate (based on your contract) with an added incentive for attendance.  We take care of filling the seats, but once you reach a threshold level, we will compensate on a percentage of the attendance over the determined threshold.  We value your services to our organization, therefore we compensate at one of the highest levels.  We will determine the number of days we can possibly host your event; but you ultimately tell us how many you are willing or able to work in the year.