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We have pulled our resources together for the ease of use of the media that may cover stories about the International Center for Education.  While all things may not be exhaustive, we hope you can find the information you are seeking.  If not, please inquire via email at

Our Story


In the spring of 2014, Kevin Steele and Matinga Ragatz were partnered by chance to present a 4-day workshop on flipped learning.  As they began to plan the workshop, it was clear that the two of them were destined to work together and create something spectacular.  While they were planning and executing the workshop, it was clear that they had formulated a plan to compete globally in insuring positive social change and high-caliber professional development for educators. 


As a result, the International Center for Education firmly believes that professional development is not a one-day event.  It is the collaboration and connections between attendees that deliberately fuels passion and learning.  Every presenter is a licensed educator who continues to stay active in the field.  We are committed to connecting, collaborating and serving educators with the highest-quality professional development opportunities.  Our programs are delivered by educators or professionals with real-world experience in their field of topic. 

We have sat through the same old, boring, thrown together professional developments ourselves.  That is why the International Center for Education was founded in late 2014 to serve teachers globally.  Our future goals include linking educators across the globe with cross-curricular projects between classes, global integration of educational professional development, continued support after the events end and teacher exchange programs with international educational settings. 

Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide the highest-caliber professional development experiences which foster collaboration and connections in a global education market to educators whose passion is to propel students forward to affect positive social change.

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Fast Facts


Clients Served: 772 educators (as of 11/16/18)

Founded: 2014

Presenters: 9 (See Profiles)

Workshop Topics: View Workshops

Founded by: Kevin M. Steele, Ed.S.