Coding is the “New Literacy.” Our students are growing up in a quickly changing digital world and coding is a language they’ll need to know. Coding is not just for the computer class or the after-school club, it is an integral part of the curriculum and can be integrated into every subject. Coding promotes problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, reasoning, spatial awareness, sequencing, and so much more. It is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education at its best!


The introduction of teaching coding has been gaining interest and generating buzz the last few years. This book is designed to put you in the coding seat and work the projects that you can implement with ease and very little preparation. The book is written in a handbook form for you to use what you can and leave the rest. Some may find it as a means of implementing the curriculum and others may find experiences of educators that make their teaching with technology more efficient. I have designed this book for all levels of technology users, from the tech timid to the tech savvy, to teach coding.


Coding can and should be taught at every grade level. There is an abundance of resources, mostly free, that grow daily and I will help you sort through them to find the best. We will look at ways to design lessons and projects to infuse coding into our everyday curricula. We will discuss the research and real-world application and dive deeply into the extension lessons for coding. Through this book, we will be working through many of the projects and you will possess not only the inspiration, but projects, lessons and ideas. There is not just one way to teach coding. I will help you get started and give you the tools and resources you need to move your students forward. The book promises to be filled with practical activities, ideas, tips and resources that will empower you to infuse coding and reveal the magic behind the screens!


ISBN: 978-0-692-05352-2

98 pages


Developing Students' Coding Skills Book