WorkshopReady is a designed to be a training system for becoming a presenter with the International Center for Education.  We charge to join the training system only due to the cost of training and the insure commitment of our upcoming speakers. 

WorkshopReady guarantees you will speak at least once for the International Center for Education.  The speaker pay will exceed your initial investment.  If we are unable to book your workshop within 12 months of signing your contract, we will fully refund your investment.  There are exceptions to this guarantee and are outlined below: 

  • You decline a workshop booking more than three times due to scheduling issues on your end.

  • Failure to provide all materials for a workshop (marketing materials, speaker photo, handbook files, etc.)

  • You decide to stop the process along the way at no fault of ICE (International Center for Education)

  • You reside outside the United States or Canada (you may still participate; but there is no guarantee of a speaking engagement through the International Center for Education)

Your training fee is charged at the moment of subscription.  You will be WorkshopReady in approximately 90 days as you work through the program with your cohort.  

Monthly Payment Option: This option is available as a means of spreading out the payments.  You may not cancel your monthly payments during the 12 month cycle.  Any cancellation attempt will halt the payments and you will be invoiced the balance on your account within 30 days.  

Collection attempts will be at your cost in addition to the balance owed.  This is rare, but we will pursue collections due to the exposure of intellectual property we have provided. This will occur at a cancellation attempt or after a missed payment. 

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